Donating Items When Selling Your House

Jan 25, 2020

There are many ways in which you can attempt to donate unwanted items when selling your house. The easiest way is usually the one in which you gather up and drive the items to a donation center operated by an organization such as Goodwill. Other organizations such as the Epilepsy Foundation may come to your house and help move out and load larger items such as wood furniture onto their trucks, but you’ll have to make an appointment first and be at home when they come. It may be the most work, but also the most rewarding to consider connecting with your own circle of family and friends about the items you’re parting ways with to see if any can be of use to them. Pictures and a short description will likely be needed for them to determine interest but those people in your personal life are often the most appreciate of the opportunity to find their own treasures in what you were considering leaving behind.
Here are some helpful links if you’re looking to donate items:
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