Heat in Winter

Feb 7, 2020

If you own a vacant property, remember to take steps in winter to maintain heat in the house or winterize the house prior to temperatures falling below freezing. If you’re moving out of a house over some period of days or weeks, remember to maintain the heat as you begin to spend less time at the house. Smart thermostats may allow you to monitor the heat remotely until you disconnect wi-fi services to the house. If you’re selling as-is to an investor, ask them if they’re able to check in every 1-2 days during winter while the house is unoccupied to make sure the heat is on. They might also be willing to help winterize the house once you no longer need to use the water, bathroom or furnace. 
Smart Thermostats are getting more popular and affordable. Check out this article on different smart thermostat brands & reviews from cnet.com.

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