Low-ball Offer

Feb 17, 2020

“Low-ball offer” can be a divisive term and it’s a common one too. How a “low-ball offer” is considered depends greatly on whether you’re on the selling or buying side, an agent or an owner. While some offers may be made purposefully low with the hope by the buyer’s side of getting a great deal, it’s much more common for the offer amount to simply reflect the value that the property has for a particular buyer. The intended use of the property ranging from a prospective owner & occupant to an investor is going to result in different views of the value. Try not to be offended by “low-ball offers” if on the selling side and don’t be afraid to make them either if you’re on the buying side. While the money and impact of real estate on people’s lives can be great, at the offer stage it’s just business and a considered counter to a low offer is a reasonable expectation for all sides to have.
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