Prep for Inspection – Seller’s Side

Jan 27, 2020

Once you’ve reached an agreement with a buyer on a house you’re selling, you may be tempted to pat yourself on the back and consider the mission complete. Don’t! Unless you’re selling to a cash investor closing in a few days, remember there’s likely a buyer’s inspection that’s been negotiated and will occur within a week of the agreement being signed. That’s an opportunity for the buyer to have a professional inspector review the house, but also the buyer’s opportunity to spend another 2-3 hours in the home. Sellers should maintain or even improve on the home’s cleanliness. Set or program the temperature to be comfortable during the time of the inspection. You may consider accomplishing small chores like putting in window screens if appropriate for the season, touching up paint in areas that you were meaning to, making sure that all the light bulbs work and that there’s a neutral or pleasant smell in the kitchen during the time of the inspection. Typically an inspection contingency allows a buyer to cancel for any reason. It doesn’t have to be a health and safety issue. So continue to try to impress with the home’s showing condition. It’ll help you’ll feel satisfied that you made the extra effort, no matter what occurs.
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